Tube Dawg


Tube Dawg was the online moniker of a self-proclaimed authority on surfboards and designs. Despite never seeing or riding an actual Gemini, he spewed hate on the design to the extreme. Unfortunately, the surf world as a whole was not ready for such a design when it was first released.

So, Jeff decided to transform the Gemini into a more 'accepted outline' in the late 1990's and name it after his new friend, who has probably still never ridden an Alexander.

The significant change in rail line decreased volume and width in the front third of the board 


Small-medium wave mastery. Fast, down-line the surfing in waves under head high, though slower than the Gemini. The Mutant II step-up version is another beast all together, loved by several long-time Gemini riders.


This board carries more foam than traditional outlines, which means a 2-6" reduction in length is a good starting point. Traditionally shaped with a bat-tail, although thumbtail has been popular with riders as well. Comes standard with quad fin setup (double thruster), 5-fin options available.