Stin-zer (n.) : Sting-Bonzer; a surfboard designed using characteristics of the Ben Aipa Stinger and Campbell Brothers Bonzer 5.

A product of happenstance when Jeff had custom order boards for a mid-length Sting & a shorter Bonzer 5. Looking at them with Mike Horton, they wondered how these two legendary designs would work together? Starting with a classic Sting outline, the board was shortened and the wing moved further towards the  tail to lined up just forward of the front fins' trailing edge. The channel starts about 6 inches in front of the fin cluster in an effort to continue the Campbell Brothers' fin placement principles and mechanics. Beak nose and 3-stage stepped deck round out a very interesting shape that performs exceptionally.


Personal curiosity & homage to some surf industry greats! 


For down-the-line reef breaks, tube riding, classic top-to-bottom surfing, and fabulous footwork.