Surfboards are cyclical, and Jeff's thirty years of experience give him a unique view of designs. The Penetrator was created with input from rider Mike Horton who wanted a small wave board to rip on. This immediately had Jeff reminiscing about his favorite board from the 1980's that he rode at Oahu's Rocky Point.

The Penetrator blends classic outline with modern twists. Flat deck with maximum rail volume that creates a board with great float and planing, but remains relatively thin overall. With low entry and center rocker, this board paddles well and generates a lot of speed easily. Maximum tail rocker with a thruster fin setup allows the Penetrator to perform all manner of radical maneuvers. This board can be shaped with a variety of tails, but Jeff chose this diamond fang setup for Mike's board; extra volume removed between the fangs makes its just that much faster and really throws buckets! 


Small wave mastery. This board excels under head high on reefs throughout Indonesia and is your savior for mushy Southern California beach breaks, but still perform well when its cranking! Ride anything knee to slightly overhead high. 


Shortening your normal shortboard 4-6'' is a good starting point. The board carries more volume in the This board carries more foam than traditional outlines, which means a 2-6" reduction in length is a good starting point. Traditionally shaped with a bat-tail, although thumbtail has been popular with riders as well. Comes standard with quad fin setup (double thruster), 5-fin options available.