Disclaimer: We're not trying to be sexist with this one, so sorry if we offended anyone. Girls can charge, too!!

Once it's too big for the Blade, you're going to need your Man Board. Jeff's decades on the North Shore and years traveling the globe surfing big waves has given him ample experience to shape perfect surfboards for critical waves like Outside Corner, G-land, Pipeline, Waimea, and Puerto Escondido. Depending on how specialized the surfer wants their equipment, these boards can vary in shape dramatically. That's why we just threw them all in the same category! You surf a much different board at Pipeline than Sunset, or Mavericks than G-land.


Real waves of consequence and surfers ready to push their limits.


Tell us the waves you're looking to surf and we'll work with you to get you on the best board possible. Surfing big waves requires confidence in your equipment that only 40+ years of shaping experience can give you!