Lis Fish


One of Jeff's first surfboards was a 5'4'' kneeboard/surfboard hybrid. During the mid-1960's, George Greenough's Velo kneeboards were influencing a new breed of surfers, sparking was had come to be known as the Shortboard Revolution. The original fish design is credited to another San Diego native, Steve Lis: a short, wide, stub-nosed board with a fat split tail and twin fins.

Our Lis Fish model is a homage to the original. The wide outline and full rails gives it great paddle power, combined with low overall rocker that produces a racy ride speed in small conditions. The bottom has a slight single concave that flows into a double concave through the tail. Usually we shape with custom-made glass twin fins, but can also make with removable fins for easier travel.  


Speed, trim, and glide. Fit in when you're in Canggu, style out the small days in Kuta & Bukit.


Let's be real, a Lis Fish almost always needs to be less than 6 feet in length. Shorter and wider than your normal shortboard.