The single fin design was never really taken as far as it could go before the Shortboard Revolution kicked into gear. If you've ever seen Gerry Lopez in 'Morning of the Earth' or surfing Pipeline, the still master showed just what single fins could do. Today, Alexander Surf Designs is taking single fins to the next level.

A homage to the 1970's, our 70's Special is a classic single fin outline with a modern twist. With an updated bottom consisting of inverted vee from entry through the wide point of the board, slight double concave just before the tail, and a light vee starting just before the fin, you can cheater-five this thing through the barrel and still come out and put it on rail. Our latest models have included a double-winged rounded pin just to take a bit more volume out of the tail for tighter turning radius, and front fin boxes to give surfers the option of 2+1 or thruster setups depending on conditions.


Take yourself back to the original days of surfing in Bali by surfing this at Padang Padang or Uluwatu (just gotta pretend the crowd's not there!). Maybe a nice little trip south of the border through Baja hopping pointbreaks?


This board can be shortened for more of a shortboard feel, but Jeff thinks it should be 6'6'' to 7'6'' if you want the real deal!